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We are proud to present 10,000 randomly generated exclusive and stylistically curated NFTs to the world.

About Nerd Head Club

Nerd Head Club NFTs are all programmatically generated from 160+ possible traits, including accessories, eyes, hairstyle, clothing, and many others. This random process ensures each Nerd Head absolute uniqueness.
Polygon network is among the world's most prominent blockchains out there. And its strong community support can't unnoticed. To that end, we have developed 15 exclusive Nerd Heads so that NFT enthusiasts can take their support one step further.


All Nerd Head are cool by default. Yet, the rarity score of some Nerds goes through the roof. To be honest all heads are nerd, but some are nerdier than others. Let your nerd head guide you!


Our vision is to build a world that is continuously develop, and the community decides how to move forward. One of our goals is to introduce more people to the NFT community. We plan to do this by merging all retro-gaming fans and also offering a competitive opportunity where everyone has the chance to contribute.

15 exclusive Nerds

We have developed 15 exclusive Nerd Heads by inspired from real Nerds so that NFT enthusiast can take their support one step further.

Nerdette Minting is LIVE

Thank you all Nerds for support
All Nerd Head NFTs are minted. You can still find them on OpenSea.
Now you can mint Nerdette and stake her also.

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